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Two Seattle Dog Treat Makers Support each other through the Years: a Story of Friendship.

Swell Gelato for dogs owner Debbie Hendrickx first met Dawn Ford from the Seattle Barkery in 2016, when Swell Gelato was barely in it’s baby phases. “Although I had many years of retail  industry experience, I was a complete newbie in the dog scene and wanted to seek out advice from local experts in the field” Debbie says. “My plea pretty much fell on deaf ears, people weren’t getting back to me which is understandable as another dog treat maker could easily be regarded as competition. But Dawn replied and the two of us shortly after met in person. Dawn generously shared what they ( her husband Ben is the other half of the Seattle Barkery Team) had learned on their entrepreneurial journey in the Seattle community.”

What came next was the beginning of a professional friendship as the two quickly recognized they shared not only the same customers but exactly the same mission: To make the very best treats for dogs, delicious as if they were for people and equally appealing to the human eye.  By choosing to collaborate, pool resources and learn from each other instead of looking at the other as competition they knew they could each grow their businesses more in the long run.

Fast forward a few years and the Barkery now sells Swell gelatos in their various locations and Debbie was able to bring her Barkery friends into the world of distribution which allowed them to get their products into stores across the PNW.  Stories like these are nice any time of the year but as we launch into the Holidays it is another great reminder that together we are stronger and an inspiration to lend a helping hand when someone is reaching out for one.

The best part? Between these two yumminess providers, you can rock your dog’s Thanksgiving season and make it one for the (picture) books.  Doggy Pumpkin Pie with a side of Pumpkin Spice ‘Nog? Yes please! Heck, don’t choose. These treats can be shared and enjoyed for days so invite some pups over, have a Furriendsgiving party and get both. Both are limited human grade ingredients, both smell delicious and I’m pretty sure both taste absolutely delicious.

 Is it weird that I am envious of my dog? I may sneak a taste when Timmy is not watching.

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