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Increase your dogs quality of life with Dope Dog Treats

Here at Seattle Dog Zone, we care about the everyday struggles of our best friends! Its time to think outside the box! Natural pain management is the safest way to go especially since we don’t always know exactly what is wrong with our pups!

Separation anxiety in dogs can have a huge effect on our everyday lives.

Dope Dog Treats can help you manage and give you time to figure out how to solve the problem.

Micheal and Erin

Dope Dog Treats

Dope Dog treats is revolutionizing pain management for our pets! Meet the face behind the product! Micheal and Erin created Dope Dog because the issues that their own dogs faced.

[There was] “no holistic products on the market to help James’ post-surgery joint pain or Zoey’s back discomfort… After extensive research, [Micheal and Erin] created a CBD product line that dogs love.”

Is your dog suffering from Separation anxiety?

Manic scratching at the door, loud whining, and desperate behaviors all after you leave? Then when you come home you have a huge mess and a frantic dog begging for your love. You are not alone!Behaviors, like trying to escape, defecation, and chewing, are all common when a dog is dealing with separation anxiety. If you want to learn more about separation anxiety please visit ASPCA for more information

Many trips to the veterinarian leave you with a huge bill and a dog that is no longer acting himself.  Just like Micheal and Erin, we need to take a stand for our dogs Quality of life!

There are also many medical problems that prohibit our pups from living their best life!

The featured Item is a starter kit for all moms or dads that want to try this item and see how their best friend reacts to it! This kit included CBD infused dog treats, oil, and drops. This starter kit allows you to sample Dope dog best sellers and see for your self how much your dog will love this product!

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Is your dog suffering from chronic pain?

Arthritis, inflammation, skin issues and IG Tract issues are all too common and not talked about enough. These issues decrease the quality of life for your pup and you can take a stand for your dog’s happiness.

Each product is thoughtfully designed to improve quality of life, starting with the best CBD.

Dope Dog Treats uses 100% pure CBD isolate, sourced from organic hemp grown in Colorado. Shop with ease knowing that all Dope Dog’s CBD dog treats, shampoo, and CBD oils are guaranteed to be non-psychoactive, 100% THC-free, and safe for all pets.

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