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About Seattle Dog Zone

Seattle Dog Zone is a leader in Seattle dog-friendly business listings, reviews, events, news, giveaways, dog photos from our community, and passionate discussions of all things dog.

For many of us, dogs are more than just ‘a dog’. They are our loyal companions and beloved family members. We love our dogs in Seattle and are fortunate to have beautiful outdoor spaces for walks, hikes, swims and many dog related businesses to satisfy our pup’s needs.

This blog was created to bring together our Seattle dog community, provide recommendations to each other, product reviews, and gather with dog-friendly events or meetups in the forums. We hope you will find SDZ to be your one-stop for finding dog resources and encourage you to add listings, dog photos, reviews, and comments. We welcome you to this wonderful community of loving dog owners.

Our crew includes Jackie K, the pack leader and Seattle researcher, Molly, the kindest 7 year old chocolate lab, and our sweet Husky puppy Timmy.

Jackie Kresek | Seattle Dog Zone
Jackie K.
Pack Leader / Seattle Researcher
Molly the Chocolate Lab | Seattle Dog Zone
the Chocolate Lab
Timmy the Husky | Seattle Dog Zone
the Husky